11 November 2019
Donald Wari and Ivy Haru signing their housing advance cheques with officer Karen Serengu

Donald Wari and Ivy Haru are still trying to get over the fact that they are one step away from owning their own house when they picked up their housing advance cheques.

They were trying to buy a house a few years back but couldn’t be able to do so with the financial responsibilities  like other professionals living in Port Moresby. The only way to own their own home was to sacrifice and save a little more through their super, and they did.

Donald who is an Eda Supa member said that, it was the longest five years with the anticipation of achieving their target, but it was worth every bit of it when I picked up the cheque.

“ I could not have saved this much if I had not known that a savings facility was available for professionals like myself who worked with a company that had less than 15 employees,” he said.

My wife and I made up our mind to start saving up for our equity.
Five years later, and here we are ,accessing our housing advance to help with the equity to purchase our family house.

Ivy who is employed with Exxon Mobil said that, once she learned about voluntary contributions. She immediately increased her contributions to assist with the equity with her husband.

“ We would like to thank Sonia Aria and Pia Kupma at the Boroko Branch for the efficient service and Solomon Jasper for the guidance in ensuring we provided the correct forms, “ they said.

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