16 April 2021

As part its membership engagement, Nasfund hosted its Online Employer Conference on the 14th of April 2021.

Presentations from this event are now available for download.

  1. Nasfund CEO | Ian Tarutia
    • An overview of the Fund’s overall performance that contributed to the recently announced 2020 Full Year Financial Results.
  2. Nasfund Chief Finance Officer | Rajeev Sharma
    • A snapshot of the Financial performance in 2020, and the Fund’s focus in 2021.
  3. Nasfund Joint Chief Investment Officer | Fiona Nelson
    • What the Fund did in the Investment space in 2020, and our focus in 2021 in the New Normal.
  4. Nasfund Chief Officer Member Services | Anne Wilson
    • Member services remains the focus for the fund. Working together, we aim to improve our services, and achieve positive returns for our members.
  5. ncsl CEO | Vari Lahui
    • How ncsl performed in 2020, and its focus areas this year to provide quality short-term financial services.

Thank you to all who joined in Your Fund’s Online Employer Conference.

We look forward to our next engagement, in the new normal.

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