2 July 2020

Recent cases of gender-based violence (GBV), especially against women and girls, in Papua New Guinea, amplifies the need for everyone to work together against GBV.
It is time for everyone to stand together and condemn these actions in the strongest terms, but more importantly, work together to prevent more of these incidences from happening within our homes and our communities in the future.
National Superannuation Fund, (nasfund), has reiterated its pledge to the fight against Gender-Based Violence and is committed to assisting like-minded organizations in providing a safer environment for victims of GBV.
According to nasfund CEO, Ian Tarutia, recent reports of GBV cases amplify the need to deal with the negative impacts of this social ill.
“Recent events have been disturbing, the killing of Jenelyn Kennedy, past cases of other domestic violence fatalities are growing signs of a sick and uncaring society. When does it stop, especially the serious nature of the attacks on our womenfolk and girls”.
Our organization is one where women comprise more than half of our workforce. The majority of these women have progressed into various levels of leadership roles within the Fund. We are proud of this fact.
As an organization, we do not tolerate and will not allow any of our staff to engage in domestic violence in any shape or form, physically or mentally.
We support other organizations, concerned parties and individuals to stand together and say NO MORE… NO MORE VIOLENCE at home.”

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