31 August 2021

Contributors to Nasfund who are yet to receive their new look membership identification (ID) cards, can now apply for one, for free.

Effectively September 1st 2021, the previous fee of K10 for the production of a new Nasfund membership ID card, has been removed. In addition, a request to exchange an old Nasfund card for a new-look Nasfund membership ID will also be free of charge.

However, a K10 fee will still be applied to requests for lost or destroyed replacement membership ID cards.

According to Nasfund Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ian Tarutia, this decision to remove the fees for the production of membership ID cards is one that the Fund has made to ensure that as many of our members have the opportunity to have this new look form of identification.

“As the largest superannuation provider in Papua New Guinea, it is important that all our members have a Nasfund membership ID card that confirms them as an active contributor to the Fund.

More importantly, as a value add, the Membership ID card gives members the opportunity for discounts ranging between 10 to 50% at over 100 listed Member Discount Service Providers located throughout the country.  

This is our way of helping our members save more, by paying less, through our extensive Membership Discount Program.

Given that the Nasfund membership ID card is a nationally-recognized form of identification, it is important that our members are given every opportunity to have this important ID with them, wherever they go.

As part of efforts to ensure as many active members have this important ID card, members will have to update their member details, before they are issued new membership ID cards. This  is to ensure that all member details are current and correct.

Therefore, we encourage our members to update your member details, and get your new ID card  today.,

Members are encouraged to visit their nearest Nasfund branch, or contact Call Centre on phone 1588 or email help@nasfund.com.pg to begin the process of acquiring a new-look Nasfund ID card.

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