Nasfund, in its ongoing commitment to membership service, is proud to introduce an online “Do It Yourself, Will Kit”

Nasfund has identified the need for greater education in ensuring its members and the general public establish a valid Will to protect estates for the correct beneficiaries.

The free Will Kit consists of a basic Will document for members to download and complete. This document must then be authenticated (by a Lawyer or Magistrate) to become legal. While this is a standard Will, it may not suit everyone and as such you should seek legal advice if uncertain.

The service will provide a faster cheaper and easier way to access and complete a will document, which will assist those who may not have the available resources to prepare a will.

This service should also minimize conflicts that sometimes arise between nominated beneficiaries and other parties. The service may cater for the estates such as land property, investments, which in Papua New Guinea can be a major cause of conflict. The service does not include superannuation, which is protected by the Superannuation Act 2000.

The “Do It Yourself, Will Kit” service will provide the necessary protection of assets so that you leave behind a secured future for your loved ones.

For more information, please contact us.

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