1 August 2022

The National Superannuation Fund, Nasfund, today welcomed 800 new contributing members on Lihir Island.
These 800 members, are employees of 200 landowner companies who provide services to Newcrest Mining Limited (NML), through Lihir Business Services (LBS).

Representatives from the 200 contractors who received their Nasfund Employer Registration Certificates on LIhir Island.

All 200 landowner companies this week received their Employer Registration Certificates, confirming their membership to Papua New Guinea’s leading superannuation provider.

(Left to Right): Nasfund General Manager Member & Employer Services Anne Wilson, Presenting an Employer Registration Certificate to Director of Tasio Limited Barbara Siomel, and Acting General Manager Lihir Business Systems Assumpta Wauwau.

CEO Ian Tarutia welcomed the newly registered employers and praised the management of each entity for the responsible decision to provide a secure financial future for their employees through superannuation savings with Nasfund.
“The process in registering our new members is one that was made possible through cooperation from NML, LBS, and our Nasfund Lihir service centre.
The bulk registration of our new members on Lihir island is one of the largest we have had, and is a testament to the great working relationship we have with the local business community.
This also demonstrates the importance that businesses, whether large or small, place on retirement savings for their employees.
As members of Nasfund, these members now benefit from our cadre of services, which includes our online platforms, TextBal service, and our popular Membership Discount Program (MDP).
We are committed to providing value for these members while they work today, so that they are ready for retirement, when the time comes.”
In receiving the Employer Registration Certificates, Lihir Business Services Acting General Manager Assumpta Wauwau, thanked the Fund for its efforts in ensuring all requirements were met, for the contractors to join Nasfund.
“This is a milestone for LBS in achieving the superfund compliance requirement for its 200 plus contractors under the LBS/Newcrest vendor agreement.
Having the Nasfund General Manager Member & Employer Services Anne Wilson, on the island to handover the certificate signifies the importance of this achievement given the volume of employer and member registrations at any one time.
LBS commends the company owners and directors of the Lihirian owned businesses for their cooperation in registering with Nasfund, to save guard the retirement savings for their employees.
We also appreciate the support from Nasfund in giving special attention and support by sending teams to carry out the registration exercise, provide follow-up awareness and client service sessions, and produce Nasfund membership ID cards for all contractors.
The face to face meeting with the fund team leads over the duration of this exercise has also given assurance to the employers and new and existing Nasfund members on Lihir that they are just within reach should they encounter unexpected delays in resolving any of their superannuation related queries.”

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