22 May 2020

nasfund is pleased to announce the appointment of Anne Wilson to the role of Chief Officer Member Services (COMS).

Anne is no stranger to the Superannuation Industry. Since July 2017 she was Head of Superannuation Services at the Aon Master Trust, another Approved Superannuation Fund in PNG. Prior to this, she was head of the AonHewitt Fund Administration, who were nasfund Fund Administrators from May 2002 until June 2017.

Anne brings a wealth of Fund Admin and leadership experience to nasfund which aligns with the Board’s strategic objective of enhancing our outsourced Fund Administration relationship.

In accepting this appointment Anne shares our vision of being a world class superannuation fund and understands the journey we have to take to get there.

CEO Ian Tarutia said “I am even more pleased that Ms. Anne Wilson joins Ms. Seema Dass-Raju our Chief Risk & Compliance Officer as the second female to be a part of nasfund’s EXCOM Team. Her qualifications, experience and skill sets as well as her extensive experience at Aon, as a Fund Administrator including, an intimate understanding of BPNG regulatory requirements makes Anne a solid leader of the Member Services Division.

Anne holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Papua New Guinea, a Bachelors Degree in Business from Southern Cross University, Australia (Affiliated to IBS) and a Diploma in Accounting from University of Technology, Lae.

We look forward to her contributions in improving services to our membership nationwide.

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