13 March 2024

Following the announcement of the Fund’s 2023 Full Year Results, the National Superannuation Fund Ltd (Nasfund) has commenced its Regional Employer Conferences starting with Port Moresby.

Chief Executive Officer, Rajeev Shamar confirmed that over K584 million has been paid to 680,000 plus members’ accounts over the weekend as part of the annual interest crediting rate of 9% that was announced.

‘’We are pleased to share that all members’ accounts have been successfully credited.

Members can now view their updated balance using the member online portal, TextBal service, or the Nasfund Mobile App.

This interest payment will be narrated as Interest Earned on Contributions and is dated 31/12/2023. Members who have issues or need assistance with their balance information can reach out to 1588 or email help@nasfund.com.pg for assistance.’’

Mr. Sharma stated that the Fund will now be focused on engaging with its members and hosting its inaugural CEO’s Business Breakfast.

‘’The CEOs Business Breakfast is aimed at enhancing engagements with key industry leaders, and CEOs of our contributing employers.

Key Industry Leaders and CEOs of contributing employers during the Inaugural Nasfund CEOs Business Breakfast

The Business Breakfast was privileged to host more than a
hundred CEOs and industry leaders in the earlier part of the day while more than three hundred employer representatives attended the conference at APEC Haus yesterday (Tuesday 12th March).’’

Employer Representatives during the Employer Conference held at APEC Haus, Port Moresby.

Mr. Sharma added that following the Southern Region Employer Conference, the Fund will carry out the same for Momase, Highlands, and New Guinea Islands regions.

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