3 November 2023

Nasfund is thrilled to introduce a transformative shift in member services with the unveiling of the Electronic Branch (eBranch). Central to this is our Call Center, entrusted to provide services to our members nationwide. The engagement at our Call Center is underscored by the substantial daily influx of 500 calls and 200 emails on average from members and employers, making it the busiest branch in the Nasfund network.

These numbers are paralleled only by the service centers in Morobe and NCD, which collectively handle on average 600 walk-ins daily as expected due to the high membership base in the respective provinces.

Chairwoman of Nasfund’s Membership Committee, Florence Willie, states, ‘’In a network comprising 22 physical branches across the nation, our Call Center has risen to become a pivotal electronic branch, embracing key enablers such as the EsiCall Service, WhatsApp ticketing, E-Withdrawals, and an array of online services including the Member Online portal, Employer Online portal, Nasfund App, and TextBal services.’’

The EsiCall Service, offered in both English and Tok Pidgin, is an Interactive Voice Respondent system designed to provide members with rapid access to crucial superannuation information. The EsiCall Service has transformed our Call Center into a hub for self-service, enabling members to inquire about benefit payments and account balances without the frustration of lengthy phone queues.

Through our WhatsApp ticketing service, members can now scan QR codes using WhatsApp on their mobile phones to be issued a ticket, effectively extending the Call Center’s services to their fingertips. The second phase to be implemented soon will include the WhatsApp scheduling service, where members can conveniently plan, and schedule branch visits via WhatsApp. While the WhatsApp Ticketing service is currently accessible to Port Moresby members, we are actively working to broaden this service to other centers.

E-Withdrawals is yet another feature within our electronic branch that ensures members have a secure and hassle-free channel to request unemployment benefits and housing advances. Currently, our E-Withdrawals service receives around 400 applications monthly via email and is expected to increase in the coming months. This option provides a convenient alternative to traditional in-person branch visits, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to streamline member convenience.

Moreover, Nasfund’s comprehensive suite of online services, including the Member Online portal, Employer Online portal, Nasfund App, and TextBal services, empowers members to view accounts, update information, and access vital insights from the comfort of their homes or workplaces.

CEO Rajeev Sharma outlines the significance of this transformation, noting, “The Nasfund Call Center is not merely a superficial facelift; it’s a holistic effort to meet our members on their terms, ensuring they have the tools and resources they need to manage their superannuation efficiently. We’re committed to redefining the member experience, with efficiency and member-centricity at its core.”

This shift bridges the gap between electronic and physical branches, offering members greater flexibility and control in managing their superannuation today for a better tomorrow.

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