27 September 2022

As part of the organization’s talent quest, Nasfund recently participated in the Papua New Guinea University of Technology (Unitech) 2022 Career Fair.

Nasfund Training Officer Human Capital Daniel Olen (Right) and Lae Customer Service Officer Ronnie Tsika, speaking with visitors to the Fund’s expo booth at the Unitech 2022 Career Fair.

The event, held on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September 2022, brought together Unitech students, staff, and corporate partners, to showcase the opportunities on offer by Nasfund, to all in attendance.

Over the 2 days, close to 1,000 participants passed through the exhibition.

According to General Manager Talent & Culture Vincent Lialu, the Fund used this avenue  to raise awareness on the importance of superannuation, and at the same time promote the Fund’s Graduate Development Program (GDP) which is a key Leadership Development Program the Fund is implementing as part of its Talent & Culture Framework .

“This is to ensure we equip young talented Papua New Guineans to be first-line managers to succeed in our increasingly competitive business and financial environment and to ensure that Nasfund attains sustainable leadership within the competitive superannuation industry.

The opportunity to engage with students was to provide some guidance as to what is required for graduates who may want to join Papua New Guinea’s leading superannuation provider.

Team Nasfund speaking to students at the Unitech 2022 Career Fair.

As an equal opportunity employer, the Fund is always on the lookout for talent to provide the next generation of officers to serve our members.

Those in attendance were provided guidance on what the qualities that the Fund looks to, when recruiting our staff, whether it be through direct selection, or through our Graduate Development Program (GDP).

In addition to this, the Fund also provided awareness on superannuation in general, and the products and services on offer.

As a Fund, we believe it is important to educate the next generation of Papua New Guineans on the importance of saving for retirement through superannuation.

We would like to thank the administration of Unitech for allowing our participation at this event, and we look forward to working together in ensuring that we promote the important role of superannuation to the next generation of Papua New Guineans.”

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