19 February 2024

The National Superannuation Fund Ltd (Nasfund), is proud to announce the launch of its new superannuation education content aimed at empowering its members with valuable knowledge and resources to make informed financial decisions for their future.

In an effort to enhance superannuation literacy and ensure that basic knowledge about superannuation is easily accessible to all, the Fund has developed a series of educational materials covering various aspects of superannuation, including knowledge about Nasfund’s products and services, and retirement planning.

CEO, Rajeev Sharma (middle) addressing the media during the launch of the new superannuation education content.

Chief Executive Officer, Rajeev Sharma states that the Fund is committed to helping its members make informed decisions about their retirement by developing targeted educational content that provides key information on basic superannuation knowledge.

‘’We are excited to launch our new superannuation education content, which reflects our commitment to supporting our members in achieving financial security and retirement readiness.

At Nasfund, we also understand that information is important to making informed financial decisions, hence we are dedicated to providing our members with the resources they need to navigate their superannuation journey confidently.”

Mr Sharma revealed that the new content includes;

*Educational Videos – A series of (7) engaging and informative videos covering topics such as the importance of superannuation, Nasfund’s digital offerings, products, and services, the Housing advance scheme, the Membership Discount Program, benefits of employer and employee voluntary contributions including Eda Supa for citizens, non-citizens, and the informal sector and

*Information Brochure – A pocket-size booklet containing similar information on superannuation as in the videos, available on our website or at your nearest Nasfund branch.

(From Left to Right) Chief Marketing Officer, Turaho Morea, Chief Executive Officer, Rajeev Sharma and Chief Technology Officer, Arua Taravatu during the launch of the new superannuation education videos.

These videos and brochures will be used to deliver targeted presentations to members during our shopfloor sessions and will also be shared with all our employers including the mainstream and social media platforms to ensure that basic knowledge about superannuation is easily accessible to all.

Members and employers who require more information can visit www.nasfund.com.pg or email the Marketing team at marketing@nasfund.com.pg.

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