18 November 2020

The National Superannuation Fund Limited is proud to announce the third Annual Employer Awards night for 2020.

The Employer Awards, initiated 3 years ago, acknowledges the support, cooperation and partnership of all Nasfund’s contributing employers.

The Annual Employer Awards will acknowledge the best performing employers who have complied with the Superannuation (General Provisional) ACT 2000, especially section (85) and (90) of the Superannuation (General Provisional) ACT 2000, that governs the contributions and benefit payments which the Fund as the trustee is mandated to perform.

Award winners will be announced at the 2020 Employer Awards Night on Thursday 26th November, 2020.

In announcing the Awards, Nasfund Chief Executive Officer Ian Tarutia thanked all Employers who had continued to contribute, despite the difficult economic environment, over much of this year.

2020 has been a very difficult year for businesses, with many having to adapt their operations to ensure that workers continue to remain employed, and also have superannuation savings paid.

Despite this difficult environment, we have noticed that a good number continue to maintain their superannuation contributions, in a timely manner – which is commendable, and must be recognized.

As the leading superannuation provider in Papua New Guinea, we want to acknowledge the efforts put in by employers to ensure that retirement savings for employees continue to be paid.

We look forward to announcing the winners on the Awards Night later this month.”

Winners in the Annual Employer Awards 2020 have been categorized into three categories

  1. Category A – Employers contributing more than K100,000 per month 
  2. Category B – Employers contributing between K50,000 and K100,000 per month
  3. Category C – Employers who contribute less than K50,000 per month

The best performing Employers in these three categories will be vying for the following awards

  1. Most Compliant Employer – Mandatory Contributions
  2. Best Voluntary Contributions
  3. Most Compliant Maintenance Award
  4. Most Compliant Benefit Payments
  5. Best Voluntary Contributing Employer
  6. Nasfund Chairman’s Awards

Nasfund would like to thank the commitment and efforts of all contributing employers around Papua New Guinea, and we look forward to recognizing employers who have performed exceptionally well in 2020, at the upcoming Awards Night.

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