Improving Your Human Resource Function with ebenefits.

Log onto ebenefits for fast online access to your superannuation records

With e-benefits You Can

  • Look at member details
  • Email address and beneficiary details
  • Check employer remittances

Getting Started

The only people who can access the member records through e-benefits from the internet are the Employer (Human Resource/Payroll), the funds administrator Aon Hewitt and NASFUND. Contact NASFUND to request access and you will be provided a unique username and password. This allows you to get into ebenefits and access your Employees records.

Your username also tells the system what you are authorised to do. If you try to do something that you’re not authorised to do, ebenefits will tell you.

View Member Details

You can check member details, e.g. date of birth, salary, dates joined company/fund and member nominated beneficiaries.

Check Contributions

You can check contributions, rollovers and transfers for member accounts.

Instant Information 

Call your administrator, Chris Hagan at Aon Hewitt if you have any questions about ebenefits on 320 2547 or email chris.hagan@aonhewitt.com.


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