Monday 20 June, 2016

Wewak branch relocates

Wewak branch relocates

NASFUND’s Wewak branch has relocated to the hub of town, giving members and employers convenient access to the office.

After working out of the same place for the last decade, the move to the new location has been a like a breath of fresh air for the branch, allowing them to approach their daily tasks with renewed energy and vigour.

The branch operations are overseen by two staff - Branch Officer in Charge (BOIC) Susan Tomdawa and counter service officer (CSO), Peter Sopom.

Ms Tomdawa, who has seen a steady increase in the number of members visiting the branch over the five years she has been in charge, said that the move is timely.

Facilities in the new location, particularly better power supply, will allow her team to assist members faster and more efficiently.

For Susan and her team, customer service is paramount, and the new office space goes a long way towards providing this.

Ms. Tomdawa said that the construction of new buildings in town has coincided with an increase in business activity.

The branch has focused on maintaining a good working relationship with contributing employers in order to ensure members’ accounts are updated on time. Efforts include carrying out ongoing awareness with companies to ensure they are fully aware of the correct processes to follow.

The branch engages with employers in and around Wewak, including projects such as the recently launched Sepik oil palm project. With the project expected to create many employment opportunities over the next two to three years, the FUND’s aim is to ensure that workers are covered by superannuation.

Business activity for the branch is not confined to Wewak town, with the team carrying out awareness sessions for the EDA Supa voluntary savings account in Maprik, Nuku and Angoram where a good number of people engaged in the informal sector have shown keen interest.

Recent activities include the signing of two new businesses into the FUNDS’s Membership Discount Program (MDP) this year - Leon Enterprise Limited and Paradise (a new Wewak hotel).

Through the MDP, service providers offer discounts and specials on their goods and or services to NASFUND members upon presentation of membership cards. Existing service providers, include City Pharmacy Limited and Air Niugini.

Ms Tomdawa said that it was reassuring to see the branch’s big employers such as South Seas Tuna Corporation, Catholic Health Service, St Benedicts Campus and Tang Mow Limited consistently remit their contributions on time and commended their efforts in working closely with the FUND to ensure member’s accounts were up to date.

Susan’s ability to manage the Wewak branch successfully is a result of her ten years of experience in NASFUND.

She said that although members present to the branch with issues, serving them in a timely manner, planning and working to a strategy greatly assists in overcoming the challenges faced.

In all, the relocation has been a great morale booster to the branch team and has encouraged them to provide the best customer experience for their members in the province.

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