Thursday 27 June, 2019

Trukai sets up member service booth

Trukai sets up member service booth

200 factory workers of Trukai Industries in Lae will now be able to check their NASFUND accounts online thanks to their management in setting up a member’s service online booth at its premises.
The member service online booth located within the company premises will enable staff to access their NASFUND balance, transaction history, housing advance eligibility and other important information they need rather than going to the Lae Branch to enquire.
Human Resource Manager, Anne Kewe thanked the NASFUND Lae branch in successfully registering 200 staff and training on how to use the member online portal.
“I am sure our employees will be grateful for the management in approving the two online member service booths for NASFUND and NCSL”, she said.
“We are also proud to note that we are the first contributing employer to initiate the online booth and looking forward in getting all our staff in Lae registered,” she said.
Employee support service officer, Joanne Wallames said that the booth will benefit both the employer and its staff to be able to get real-time information about their superannuation updates and will save company time.
“Staff use to leave the premises to go to the branch to enquire about their balances and this will benefit most of our employees, especially factory workers who work on a production time schedule, she said.
“Our staff are excited to have the workstation and have already started using the online service,” she said.
NASFUND’s Lae Branch Officer, Steven Gerega thanked the Management of Trukai Industries in providing the resources for their employees.
“This shows that you value your employee’s by investing in the resources especially for members who do not have the privilege of owning a smart phone or have internet access to view their accounts online,” he said.
Mr Gerega and his team have also confirmed International Food Corporation (IFC Best) who will be installing their booth today, Thursday 27th June.
They will be registering 150 employees of IFC. The same concept will be rolled out to Mainland Holdings Group including Niugini Tablebirds Limited by next week.
Mr Gerega encouraged contributing employers in Lae to do the same for their employees, especially companies in the manufacturing industries.
While we are in the digital era, such partnership and arrangements will help change the way we do access services using innovative digital platforms.
The FUND is looking forward in working together with contributing employers in other centres for the benefit of members.

Photo caption: Trukai staff member utilising the new Member Service Online booth setup within the Trukai Lae office premises.

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