Wednesday 01 June, 2016

Super woman retires after 17 years of service

Super woman retires after 17 years of service

Dilly Tarua deserves to be called Super woman.

17 years of commitment and sheer hard work, Dilly is one of the first female staff who has contributed her skills and experience in managing the FUND’s financial books to what it is today.

Chief Executive Officer, Ian Tarutia, MBE during a low key gathering said that Dilly played an important role during the National Provident Fund days up until today.

“At that time, there were only two accountants and Dilly was one of them”, he said.

“Today, you look back and we have a new structure with a much bigger team of experts in the Accounting, Finance and Investment divisions” he said.

Dilly was also one of the first managers of the NASFUND Contributor’s Savings and Loans Society when it was established in 2003, and played a very important role to the Society.

He thanked her for her honesty and loyalty to the company and held high regard of her leadership which would be missed by everyone who worked alongside her in the Superannuation Industry.

Chief Financial Officer, Rajeev Sharma thanked her for her support and professionalism during her current term as Finance Manager.

“We are sad to let you go, but your health is important and we thank you for showing commitment to your job when we asked you to come in at certain times”, he said.

Dilly thanked the Board, Management and staff for the great working experience and the institutional knowledge she gained during her career.

“I am proud to have seen the FUND grow to what it is today and am happy to have contributed my time and skills to an organization that proved so much in very challenging times,” she said.

Staff of the Fund showed an overwhelming support to when she goes for her medical treatment and thanked her for being a role model to all her female colleagues within the FUND and the Superannuation industry.

Photo caption: Dilly at her workstation-NASFUND HQ, 4 mile.

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