Friday 24 April, 2015

Super talk with PNG Dockyard employees at Motukea

Super talk with PNG Dockyard employees at Motukea

Educating members about the importance of contributing for their retirement is one of the most important role taken up by the NASFUND Business Development Team.

Present were 18 Curtain Brother’s and 80 PNG Dockyard employees with a total of 98  who attended the presentation. The Business Development section has so far visited 126 Employers with a total attendance of 3,824 in NCD alone in its first quarter report. While 69 shop floor presentations have been recorded in total from its branches around the country.

One of the main projects the team is carrying out is to ensure that all members must update their personal details and ensure they nominate their beneficiaries.

Photo caption: Business Development officer Ancie Laim speaking to the PNG Dockyard employees at Motukea yesterday.

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