Wednesday 19 August, 2015

Soldiers volunteer to save with NASFUND

Soldiers volunteer to save with NASFUND

The Mount Hagen show exhibition saw four Papua New Guinea Defence (PNGDF) sign up with EDA SUPA retirement savings account.

The soldiers visited the NASFUND booth and opened their accounts saying that they had always wanted to join but didn’t get the time and chance because of the nature of their jobs.

They said that they have always heard the experiences of people regarding their NASFUND savings and always wanted to join but were not aware of the processes.

We are happy that we came to the show to see NASFUND set up a booth making it very convenient for us.

They were also interested about Nasfund Savings and Loans Society because they immediately wanted to take part in a savings scheme to assist with their short term financial needs.

The Nasfund team also identified a new business that will be registered to ensure employees working with the employer to save for their retirement. 

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