Wednesday 21 October, 2015

Single mother deposits K20,000 into Eda Supa Savings Account.

Single mother deposits K20,000 into Eda Supa Savings Account.

You could be in the same boat as Eka Posu, a single mother whom for weeks was looking for an institution to keep her savings secure while at the same time manage to grow it.

Eka Elma Posu from Isapea in the Gulf province approached NASFUND after reading and hearing about the EDA SUPA Savings Account that could enable individuals who are not contributing but have the determination to save for the long haul.

Ms Posu who was escorted by her son to the NASFUND office in Konedobu deposited K20, 000 last week after a follow up of consultations with the Fund’s Business Development team.

She said that, she was looking for ways to save her money but wasn’t sure where to do so until she came across what she was looking for with the EDA SUPA Savings Product.

She said that while she was looking for ways to invest her money she was also afraid to spend it. But after reading through the information and hearing about the good returns that her friends and relatives who are members expressed, the consultation with the Business Development Officer, Ancie Laim enabled her to open her account.

The EDA SUPA Account provides a retirement savings account for individuals like Ms Posu who can voluntarily deposit from as low as K20 whenever they wish to at the same time enjoy the benefits that contributing members do, especially, earning additional interest on top of their savings at the end of the year when the FUND announces its annual profit.

She can now use her membership ID card to purchase goods at discount rates through the membership discount program and can also join the NASFUND Savings and Loans Society that provides members the option for her short term financial needs.

“I am now relieved to have opened an account and look forward to seeing my money grow and I would also encourage others who are like me to join”, she said.

NASFUND’s EDA SUPA retirement Account currently has 2, 946 members.

Photo caption: Ms Posu with Ms Laim of the NASFUND Business Development team

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