Wednesday 17 September, 2014

Driving a savings campaign for young minds

Driving a savings campaign for young minds

The third Financial Inclusion Exposition staged by BPNG and its stakeholders provided a different approach to its previous staged events. This year’s theme ‘Save now to make your dreams come true’ was targeted towards the young generation.

The event that coincided with the famous Warwagira and Mask Festival in Kokopo, provided an opportunity for schools to visit booths of the participating financial institutions.

The Nasfund team on site found the event very interesting talking to the different schools that visited mostly students in grades 11 - 12 and taking up business studies.

Having to share information about the Funds role in ensuring every individual in the Private Sector are financial supported after retirement was timely to the visiting students and the public to understand and provide a financial stability mind-set before they join the workforce.

The Nasfund booth recorded 367 visitors. Registering one new business, signing up 3 new EdaSupa members, 65 text balance registrations and 15 new NCSL Membership applicants.

[Photo Caption: Kokopo Nasfund Officer explaining what retirement savings are to students.]

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