Tuesday 08 October, 2019

Realignment of member services at POM and Boroko branches

Realignment of member services at POM and Boroko branches

NASFUND’s Port Moresby and Boroko service center serves 60 percent of the FUND's total membership. 

On average, the Port Moresby service center serves 150 – 200 members while the Boroko center serves 200 – 300 members per day.

The high foot traffic at its NCD chambers has prompt the FUND through the operations division in rationalizing key services that can assist members in accessing correct information and services efficiently and effectively.

On 30th September, the FUND realigned its operational processes creating the Boroko chambers to become a fully-fledged payment center while the Port Moresby center at Down Town concentrates on all member maintenance services.  

Member Payment services at its Boroko center includes;

• Lodgment of withdrawal applications and enquiries;
- Retirement
- Unemployment benefits;
- Medical benefits
- Deceased
- Emigration
- Housing Advance
• Payment follow-ups;
• Inter-fund transfers
Member Maintenance services at its Port Moresby center located in Down Town include;
• Member Accounts
• Updating of member details
• Merging of multiple accounts
• Online services
• Balance statements
• Other enquiries
Member services manager, Jimmy Ume said that realignment of services provided at the NCD centers is to ensure members are assisted efficiently and effectively with a systematic approach that can provide our members clear directions on the type of services they require.
He said that pre-empting the changes, all staff of the operations division was consulted with the team collectively putting together processes to streamline workflows that can engage staff from the counter to the back end of the operations division.

He said that, within a week of implementing the changes, the outcome has seen an improvement with staff performance and approach.

"Staff is more engaged communicating clear directions from the counters to the back end of the operations division in clearing out daily files", he said.

Mr. Ume said that daily reports from both branches have shown great progress by staff. Noting the team's effort in recording for the first time nil outstanding applications for NCD.

Mr. Ume said that this has been the result of upskilling our officers at the counter in ensuring all application collected are clean meaning all required documents are provided; realigning our back office team to be present at the branches to ensure all files received are cased and processed to the Fund Admin within one day and monitored by senior officers providing daily statistics to measure, monitor and provide real-time feedback in maintaining the FUND's role in providing the highest standard of service delivery for members. 

Mr. Ume said that, while the FUND continues to improve services at the front end, members must be aware of ensuring that these processes will only work for those who provide correct and updated documents.

“If you have the required forms, our processes are systemized to process applications within a day. Members who do not provide correct information or documents will see their applications taking longer.

While the FUND is committed to providing world-class service standards. Members are encouraged to understand the importance of having a retirement savings account, which is for the long term.

Announcement of the changes was carried out two months prior to the changes, we encourage members to be aware of the services provided at the NCD service centers.
All other services remain unchanged at our branches outside of Port Moresby.

For more information, members can call our call center on toll-free 1588 or email:


Photo caption: (from left) Arnold Topai - Regional Team Leader Southern, Jimmy Ume - Manager Member Services and Vincent Lialu - Head of Human Capital during the press conference 

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