Thursday 15 November, 2018

Public Curator visits NASFUND

Public Curator visits NASFUND

Building working relationships with important agencies is paramount for the benefit of our members.

This week the Public Curator and Official Trustee of Papua New Guinea, Jacob Popuna and his team met with our Members Services and Legal division to discuss the process and jurisdiction of handling deceased member’s applications who did not have beneficiaries listed on the system.

The discussions was an approach to understand processes involved and how both parties can work together to align processes for the benefit of the families of deceased members.

Both parties have agreed that this was a great initiative with more discussions to follow.

Photo caption: L-R: NASFUND Compliance Officer Mr. Oala Moi, NASFUND Manager Legal Ms. Doris Gedare, and Public Curator Mr. Jacob Popuna in deep discussion during the meeting.

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