Friday 12 July, 2019

Propest Control vote to join NASFUND

Propest Control vote to join NASFUND

Propest Control employees will now become contributing members of NASFUND Ltd. This follows a voting this week which saw majority of the staff who voted to move across to NASFUND from Nambawan Super Ltd. Of the thirty employees, twenty six voted to join NASFUND while three voted to remain with Nambawan Super Limited. One of the staff was absent on the voting day. The election was conducted by PNG Electoral Commission at the company’s office at Steamships Compound in Waigani. The exercise was conducted in line with Section 85 of the Superannuation Act 2000. Propest Control is a company that has been contributing with Nambawan Super for almost ten years. The company provides professional services in pest control treatments and fumigation backed with over 30 years of collective industry experience.

Photo caption: Propest Control staff voting during the election on which Approved Superannuation Fund they would like to contribute to.

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