Monday 21 October, 2019

Problematic youth encouraged to be financially independent

Problematic youth encouraged to be financially independent

More than 60 youths undergoing a rehabilitation program were encouraged to become financially independent through the EDA SUPA product.

Wabag Branch Officer, Geno Muspak who is also a youth leader in his community encouraged the youths that there is more to life than just drugs and alcohol.

 He was invited by the Maip-Muli rehabilitation Centre to speak to problem youths and men who were drug and home brew addicts, some who were illegal miners for more than 10 – 15 years.

“EDA SUPA provide individuals the opportunity to be financially included, it can help change the mindset of youths when opening their accounts, giving them an ID card and equipping them with
correct information and realistic processes to continuously save for the long term,” he said.
He said that, the Rehabilitation centre helps problem youths and men to undergo a program to teach them basic skills about carpentry, poultry and farming.

“They are taken through the entire process from start to end and later earn an income from selling the goods they have
farmed or poultry they have raised,” he said.
“This is where EDA SUPA comes in, once they have reaped their hard work from the sales, they will need to save a portion of
that money, which NASFUND has created for individuals like them,” he said.

There is so much potential for us to reach out to the communities with the EDA SUPA product, it is more than just increasing the
membership numbers, it is life changing for someone especially in the rural areas.
Geno was able to register the Rehabilitation Centre under voluntary contributions. Most of the youths will be assisted to open their EDA SUPA accounts.
Geno said that, he will be working closely with the Youths to ensure that a schedule is in place to ensure they are guided to stick to
a payment plan as part of their rehabilitation program. The Rehabilitation Centre will be assisted by the European Union to
help build a permanent market at the area to sell their products in its goal to be financially sustained.


Photo caption: Youths digging the location to build chicken and pig houses for the poultry project. 

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