Thursday 25 October, 2018

NASFUND trip to Mendi a success

NASFUND trip to Mendi a success

NASFUND’s first ever trip to Mendi received an overwhelming reception and support from locals starting with a local hardware supplier from Ialibu arranging to sign-up with our grow­ing Membership Discount Program portfolio (whilst delivering invites for the first ever employer workshop on the way up to Mendi). By day two we had on-board 6 New Businesses and had a special invitation from Ra­dio Southern Highlands "Nek Blong Muruk" announcing the week long engagement program. We conducted an interactive workshop at the Mendi Travelers Inn which provided the av­enue to meet with key local business houses there and talk about the pros­pects of establishing local presence. Embracing NASFUND as a devel­opment partner, the home of Wara Mendi and Mt. Lemina sees this a way forward to bringing positive changes following the recent bad publicity ex­perienced by the province, they bless­ed us with so much support and en­couragement. The only request from the wonderful reception was that the pull up banner of our brand ambassa­dor was not satisfying, they preferred to see Captain Ase Ajay Boas in per­son.

Photo caption: Officer in Charge of Mt Hagen branch, Mr Nathan Namiangu during his interview on Radio Southern Highlands "Nek Blong Muruk"

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