Wednesday 18 July, 2018

NASFUND takes part in UPNG 2018 Career expo

NASFUND takes part in UPNG 2018 Career expo

As the norm each year, NASFUND participates in the annual UPNG career expo. Our attendance was to  promote our Graduate Development Program (GDP), Internship and also promoting our products and services. Business Development officer, Ms Ancie Laim met with the 4th year students mainly because they will be completing their studies by end of the year and will be looking for employment in organisations that require their knowledge and skills.

Compared to last year’s attendance, the turnout this year was massive. We had 600 people that visited the NASFUND Booth (this comprised students, staff and the general public). From all the other 18 stalls NASFUND was the most outstanding stall/setup and was eye catching. Most that visited the stall were final and third year students who wanted to know more about the NASFUND Graduate Development Program for 2019. Other students enquired for job opportunities within the FUND, and how to apply. It was first and second year students who were more curious about the NASFUND School Fee Scholarship Scheme.

Students were also intrigued about the NASFUND Director Trainee Program. To answer most of their queries we had our rep from HR Kevin Gao and Marketing Officer, Ancie Laim. Our two graduates Mr Wesley Warun and Mr Bartholomew Uratel were also present to share their experiences on the GDP which they are currently a part of and also to enlighten the inquisitive students on what NASFUND and superannuation is all about.

Photo caption: NASFUND graduate trainee, Mr Bartholomew Uratel explaining to eager students on the Graduate Development Program NASFUND provides while HC officer, Mr Kevin Gao looks on.

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