Wednesday 19 August, 2015

NASFUND takes part in Mt Hagen Show for first time

NASFUND takes part in Mt Hagen Show for first time

Superannuation is not for working class only.

This was the message stressed during the Mt Hagen show that took place during the weekend.

Most show goers who visited the NASFUND booth were not aware that Superannuation can be accessed by individuals who are not working but earning a form of income through the EDA SUPA retirement savings account.

The NASFUND set-up attracted men, women and children to the booth to know more about the importance of savings for the long term.

Show goers who were members had the opportunity to get their ID pictures taken, update their membership details by filling in nomination forms, fill in text balance forms to receive free monthly balances and having their issues attended to by the team on ground.

The FUND’s Mt Hagen branch, officer in charge, Mr. Nathan Namiangu said that, this was the first time for the FUND to take part in the show and it was a great learning experience for his staff to talk to a big audience which allowed them to know how to interact with different kinds of people and to ensure they educated everyone about saving for the long term.

He thanked the Management of the FUND for allowing his team to be on ground in ensuring people of Mount Hagen were informed of the role of the FUND and the need to assist members in Mount Hagen. 

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