Thursday 11 June, 2015

NASFUND supports BPNG financial expo in Madang

NASFUND supports BPNG financial expo in Madang

National Superannuation Fund Limited was part of the mini – financial inclusion exposition in Madang during the long weekend.

As part of its Savings Campaign, Bank of Papua New Guinea (BPNG) and its partner financial institutions have been running the campaign to encourage students and the public top open savings accounts with a view to creating a savings habit or culture amongst young people and the public to educate them about banking and money management at an early age.

With a weeklong scheduled event that saw some of the financial institutions visiting schools in Madang Town, the FUND attended the mini-exposition that promoted the voluntary contributors savings account, EDA SUPA.

The mini-exposition was hosted together with the annual Madang Festival that was held at the Laiwaden oval that saw hundreds of show goers attending at the same time visiting the booths of various financial institutions.

The two day event saw more than 300 people both adults and young people visiting the NASFUND booth, enquiring about the services provided by the fund.

The event also provided the team to collect forms that members could fill to be able to increase their contributions, receive their balance through their mobile phones and also update their beneficiaries on the Funds’ database.

The exposition is one of the planned expositions hosted by BPNG to create general awareness of new developments in the finance and banking sector with special emphasis on cutting edge technology including digital financial services.

The Financial Expositions has proven to be a good avenue where a number of financial institutions congregate under one roof to showcase their products and services and interact with people.

The next expositions will be hosted in Western Highlands in August, Morobe in October and East Sepik in November.

The FUND in its awareness drive to create a savings culture is privileged to partner with other financial institutions and BPNG.

Photo caption: Interviewing a NASFUND officer during the Expo.

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