Monday 21 September, 2015

NASFUND STAFF celebrate 40 years of Independence in PNG style

NASFUND STAFF celebrate 40 years of Independence in PNG style

Joining in the lead up to Independence day celebrations, staff and Management of NASFUND turned up to work in PNG colors.

As part of its annual celebrations to mark Independence Day, this year’s event in commemorating 40 years saw a bigger outcome by encouraging staff to participate by presenting items that could signify their heritage from the four different regions that they came from.

The biggest group comprising the southern region opened the celebrations in a creative and fun medley in acoustic style ignited the room to sheer laughter and praise, the group finished off their performance to singing Eda Tano that brought out the true Southern spirit.

Staff of the Highlands Region profiled the different Highlands provinces through a power point presentation then the Momase region danced to the beat of the Kundu and sang along to a Sepik dance that signified ‘ celebrating an achievement‘.

Staff of the NGI region closed the event in dancing to the beat of the popular song of ‘Yumi Wantaim’ that is sung by the popular Texas Alan of East New Britain. The whole team later joined the region to sing the famous ‘Wan Katri ‘(one country) song that is sung by Kanai Pineri.

The celebrations ended with a traditional feast to mark the 40 year Independence decision since 1975.

Other branches of the FUND also showed their support in celebrating to this great achievement in turning up to work in PNG colors. 

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