Wednesday 20 July, 2016

NASFUND Participates in Financial Inclusion Exposition

NASFUND Participates in Financial Inclusion Exposition

The financial inclusion exposition staged by the Bank of PNG at Queens Park Oval in Mt Hagen saw thousands of locals visiting exhibiting stalls to be informed about financial services to support the BPNG’s drive to empower people to contribute meaningfully to the economic development, following the Government's vision 2050.
NASFUND along with its Savings and Loans Society facility (NCSL) saw a successful turnout of the public visiting its stall with overwhelming number of people wanting to find know more about the FUND’s role in promoting a long term savings facility.
Nasfund’s branch officer in charge, Nathan Namiangu said that his team registered fourteen new members for the Eda Supa voluntary savings account while 213 kids savings accounts were opened with NCSL.
The Nasfund/NCSL team were kept busy, handing out information packages, collecting forms, taking ID pictures and speaking to the young and old who turned up with overwhelming demand shown by the public to know more about the Fund’s role in providing superannuation services in the country. 
The team also took part in running training programs organized by the committee of the Bank of Papua New Guinea (BPNG) at the exhibition site.
Governor of BPNG, Mr. Loi Bakani said that this year’s event saw the highest number of the public turning up at the event with a record of 30,432 people comparing to 26,000 that was staged in Port Moresby last year.
Mr. Bakani stressed that the objective of the event is to ensure the public is exposed to information provided by participating financial institutions.
He encouraged young people to be aware of the benefits of adapting a savings culture and challenged parents to be aware of the savings products that were offered by established institutions in their provinces.
Mr Bakani said that with the successful turnout of the Mt Hagen FI exhibition and the demand shown by the public, the Bank will try to organize a similar event in the province before the end of the year.

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