Friday 04 September, 2015

NASFUND launches SMS alert service

NASFUND launches SMS alert service

NASFUND members can now receive updates on the status of their withdrawal applications through a mobile phone SMS notification service.

This service will send a notification to members at varying stages of their application, from the time they lodge their application to when the funds are expected to be credited to their bank account.

The SMS Alert service follows the lead of sister organization, Nasfund Contributors Savings & Loans (NCSL) who introduced the service in June.

This initiative provides members with the convenience of knowing the status of their applications and to ensure they are guided to the right division for enquiries relating to the type of service they need. With the processing of a record 77,000 member transaction in 2014, and being on track for a similar number in 2015, the FUND is striving to provide members with information at the fingertips, so they don’t have to go into branches to get an update.

Members applying for a withdrawal upon reaching eligibility status will be asked to provide a mobile number in order for them to access this service.

Members will receive alerts from the starting of withdrawal processes until the time when funds hit their accounts.

Members whose applications are queried will also be notified through the alert service.

With an objective to provide efficient services to its members, the FUND has also received positive feedback on the recent segmenting of services to particular working days.

As the second largest branch in the country according to volume, the Lae branch has been faced with the challenge of servicing its many members in a timely manner, with long lines and hours being a common complaint. With the new segmentation of days to provide focused attention on particular services, members have seen a vast improvement in the length of queues, resulting in more efficient attention to members presenting at the branch.  

Following the success of this initiative in the Lae Branch, the same approach has been rolled out in Port Moresby as of the week commencing Monday 31st August, 2015.

Members are advised to follow the new service days to ensure they get the service they need in an efficient and timely manner. 

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