Monday 12 August, 2019

NASFUND helps Church to celebrate 50th Anniversary

NASFUND helps Church to celebrate 50th Anniversary

Churches have been recognised as key partners in the country’s development. Prime Minister James Marape acknowledged churches and requested for a collaborative approach from them to continue the goals and visions of the Government in the development of the country. Mr Marape made this known during a dinner event hosted by the Christian Life Church (CLC) PNG last Thursday at the Hilton Hotel in Port Moresby. The event was hosted by the CLC church to thank organisations and institutions that have supported them, as the church prepares to celebrate its 50 years of Ministry in the country.

NASFUND was presented a certificate of recognition for supporting the church as a gold sponsor towards the anniversary celebrations. “In the most remote places of the country where there are no proper government services, you will always find representation of at least a church,” the Prime Minister said. “Churches are being looked upon by the people to provide law and order, health and education services at places where basic Government services cannot reach and churches provide those services with humility and the sincerity of heart,” he said. The CLC church of PNG was established in July 1969. The church was involved in serving the people of Papua New Guinea particularly the youths. Among them are students of PNG Universities and Colleges who have applied the gospel into their lives and have grown to become leaders of our great nation.

Photo caption: Remuneration & Benefits Coordinator Francesca Niempery receiving the certificate of recognition on behalf of NASFUND from CLC’s Chairman of Golden Jubilee Organising Committee Ellison Pidik last Thursday.

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