Thursday 04 October, 2018

NASFUND Guardians, down but not out!

NASFUND Guardians, down but not out!

After a gruesome 2 months of competing in the Corporate 9s challenge, our strong NASFUND Guardians were knocked out of the competition last week. NASFUND team making their debut in Corporate 9’s challenge finished strong at 19th on the ladder out of 22. "We were a genuine, honest and fair team", were the remarks of skipper Carl Asi, he said that the corporate 9s was a great avenue for team bonding amongst the team themselves and more importantly it provided an opportunity for the players to create professional relationships with other corporate organizations outside of work. ‘Even
though our team didn’t make the final playoffs this year the boys are positive to return even stronger next year’, further to this statement Carl added
that he has already put together training schedules for the team that should commence around Jan-Feb next year.

The boys would like to thank the Management for registering the team and are looking forward to 2019.

Photo caption: The NASFUND Guardians team photo after defeating PNG Power 10-9.

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