Wednesday 12 August, 2015

NASFUND encourage Church Pastors to save for retirement

NASFUND encourage Church Pastors to save for retirement

NASFUND is encouraging church pastors and workers who are not contributing to a retirement saving scheme to open join the EDA SUPA Voluntary Savings Account.

The EDA SUPA Superannuation Account is suitable for pastors and church workers to save for their retirement.

The marketing team has seen a growing interest for most church run organization to open EDA SUPA Accounts because of the need of people wanting to put aside funds for their retirement.

This was evident in a recent invitation by the Melpa Lutheran Church in Mt Hagen for the NASFUND team to visit its three (3) Ekelesia districts comprising; Mul Baiyer, Mt Hagen Central (Nebylier, Tambul and Anglimp South Whagi), Dei and Jimi congregations.

The invitation was initially planned after 25 pastors of the church travelled to the Mt Hagen branch to open EDA SUPA superannuation savings accounts last month.

A report submitted by the Nasfund Mt Hagen branch officer in charge, Nathan Namiangu stated that more than 1000 church pastors and elders attended the presentation with 20 pastors registering with 21 members registering for their EDA SUPA ID cards.

Pastor Mangope who coordinated the visitation said the church had more than 10,000 congregation and they would want to register most of their members for their financial welfare in the long term.

The visiting team stressed to the members that the EDA SUPA superannuation savings account is purposely for retirement.

“This account is dependent on voluntary contributions and members when opening their accounts, must ensure they contribute on a monthly basis in order to also benefit from the interest that is earned annually when the fund announces its profit,” Namiangu said.

The benefits of becoming an EDA SUPA member is that they will benefit from the services currently being enjoyed by NASFUND members.

These benefits include the Membership discount program, interest earned annually, no- account keeping fees and the choice of also becoming a member of the Nasfund Contributors Savings and Loans Society for short term financial needs.

Picture caption: A Mt Hagen NASFUND officer assisting pastors to open EDA SUPA Accounts during the visitation. 

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