Tuesday 22 March, 2016

NASFUND Buka registers 180 farmers under EDA SUPA voluntary savings account

NASFUND Buka registers 180 farmers under EDA SUPA voluntary savings account

The National Superannuation Fund believes that there is still a big bulk of the population that needs to be financially included in services provided by the FUND.

The Fund which has a total membership of more than 515,000 members, only covers the private sector and does not include the bulk of the population that are in rural areas and earning some form of income.

The Fund in its drive to financially include members of the public apart from its membership base has committed to go into rural areas targeting small growers, farmers and villagers who have the drive to save for the long haul.

Last week, Nasfund’s Buka branch visited the Tinputs District to educate and assist famers about the Eda Supa superannuation savings account.

Nasfund’s Buka branch officer in charge, Geita Goasa and her team visited farmers from the Tiabes, Irue and Kovanis area.

The team spoke to villagers about the option of saving with the FUND and the benefits of saving for the long term. The team registered 180 famers within the two days visit.

Mrs Goasa said that, people were interested to join knowing that they would have a long term savings account that would also grow from the effects of compound interest.

“They were interested to hear about the benefits and how this could help them and their families,” she said.

The team will be visiting Arawa, Kieta, Buin, Siwa and Nagovis in the coming months.

Photo caption: Buka OIC, Mrs Geita Goasa serving a potential Eda Supa member.

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