Tuesday 01 October, 2019

NASFUND Branches in Boroko and Town re-align member services

NASFUND Branches in Boroko and Town re-align member services

NASFUND members within the National Capital District (NCD) are once again advised that from Monday, September 30th, 2019, the Boroko branch will be a fully-fledged Payment Centre.

This will now leave other services to be attended to by the Port Moresby branch in Downtown.

Chief Officer Member Services Mr. Charlie Gilichibi said basically, the Boroko Payment Centre will be accepting applications for;

• Retirement    
• Unemployment
• Housing Advance
• Death
• Inter-Fund Transfers
• Emigration
• Medical – permanent of total incapacitation due to physical or mental infirmity.
The Port Moresby branch will be open to all inquiries including;

• Balance and statement inquiries
• Contribution inquiries
• Bio-data updates
• Online access
• ID Cards
• Account merging to facilitate payments
• Beneficiary updates
• Online access processing
• Eda Supa contributions processing
• All other inquiries not related to payments.
Mr. Gilichibi further explained that if a member is intending to withdraw and has a duplicate account or has contributions that are required to be reversed, that member will be referred to the Port Moresby branch for the merging or reversal to be done.

“Thereafter the process is complete then the withdrawal will be lodged at the Boroko Payment Centre,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Super Saturday Service currently being offered at the Boroko branch will not be affected by the said changes.


Photo caption: NASFUND Customer Service Agent Sonia Aria attending to members at the Boroko branch.

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