Monday 06 May, 2019

MBA Students meet NSF CEO

MBA Students meet NSF CEO

~~NASFUND’s success is based on its values of being transparent and accountable to members and adopting to world’s best governance practices.
Chief executive officer Ian Tarutia said this to three University of UPNG conducting a case study on good corporate governance in PNG, as part of their master’s in business administration (MBA) program.
The group including Stanley Hondina, Wesley Timbi and Keron Kilip who met with Mr Tarutia for an insight into the fund’s commitment toward corporate governance and business ethics.
Mr Tarutia said good governance in NASFUND meant, the board held regular meetings, CEO and management provided detailed information for consideration, proper meeting records kept, monthly accounts completed on time, and regular engagements were kept with members and employers.
He said the success to the superannuation reforms that happened in 2000, a good legislative framework, strong regulator (BPNG), removal of political influence, a strong and skill board, and competent, professional management and staff.
Student representative Ms Kilip said, “NASFUND is regarded as a well governed, highly performing organisation and is a perfect example of how organisations can be successful when good governance is practiced.
“NASFUND is one of a few organisation in PNG that demonstrated all the relevant attributes of good governance and business ethics.”
Mr Tarutia said to the students that NASFUND had a positive organisational culture that allowed staff to work closely and support one another.

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