Wednesday 25 September, 2019

Long-serving staff note great progress by NASFUND over the years.

Long-serving staff note great progress by NASFUND over the years.

Carl Asi, Business Development Officer, 10 years.

“Seeing the system continuously being upgraded to what it is today is what stands out the most for me. When I first started, everything was done manually. Officers would work on files, then send them over to IT for scanning/indexing which was quite a lengthy process. We were all given a target of 300 files a day, you can imagine how time-consuming that was, as some files had a lot of supporting documents that had to be stored away.” – Carl Asi.

Carl joined the FUND back in 2009 as a casual attached to the IT department during the semester break of his first year at the University of Papua New Guinea. 

A few months later, Carl was offered a permanent appointment on the 28th of September, 2009.

“I recall during my second year with the FUND, we had a town hall meeting at the 4 Mile Office, and some of our colleagues were given awards,” Carl recalled.

“I was curious so I asked what the awards were for and was told they were for the long-serving staff.

“It was then that I made a personal goal for myself to receive the same,” he further said.

As an IT officer back then, in addition to scanning files, Carl said they had to do IT duties and attend to officers who needed their assistance.

“To put into perspective how far we’ve come, today’s system gives direct access to our members to see their savings accumulate and allows employers to load contributions using IT platforms. ”

“This would have to be the main highlight of my career thus far, as I’ve seen the FUND become more innovative by adopting technology to make it easier for our members,” he said.

Carl said that it has been a long and challenging 10 years but hard work, determination, and loyalty can take you a long way.

“I look forward to future challenges and opportunities with this great FUND,” he said.


Photo Caption: New Business Officer Carl Asi. Carl will clock in 10 years with NASFUND on September 28th, 2019.

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