Thursday 21 August, 2014

Local consultants take retirement savings seriously

Local consultants take retirement savings seriously

THREE local consultants from the Rural Primary Health Services Delivery Project have so far deposited K35, 772. 63 in their EdaSupa Accounts.

The members are part of the group of local consultants who have been contracted  with less than 10 staff and are not covered by the Superannuation Act 2000 to save for their Superannuation.

Dorothy Memti, Donald Wari and DrIssacAke opened their EdaSupa Account in June and have committed to make sure their retirement savings must be a priority to be paid on a monthly basis.

Dr. IssacAke said that during his time in the public sector he has seen how his super has helped him to buy a house and after some years of not saving for his retirement, EdaSupa would help him to start his own business when he retires. He encouraged local consultants to join EdaSupa as it will be useful to keep themselves going whilst they retire.

Donald Wari said that working as a consultant for over 3 years, he has seen nil savings during those times, and the thought of retiring without any savings was terrifying.

He said that joining EdaSupa is an assuring feeling. I am at ease that there is now savings put aside for my retirement, I will have to make up for the years lost, and will make sure my family’s future is promising.

Photo Caption: Pictured (right - left): Dorothy Memti and Donald Wari with their second payment for their EdaSupa Accounts.

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