Tuesday 24 July, 2018

Eda Supa outreach at Suanum, East Sepik

Eda Supa outreach at Suanum, East Sepik

The small village of Suanum, Turubu LLG, East Sepik had a special visit from Mr Aries Materson and our NASFUND Wewak team last weekend. Aries and the team were there for the purpose of Eda Supa awareness. The community there told Aries that it was the first time since the establishment of a NASFUND office in Wewak for the NASFUND- Eda Supa awareness drive to be carried out in their small community.

They had requested NASFUND Wewak office on numerous occasions for an awareness to be carried out in their village however that never eventuated.

Aires reported that people there were very excited and attentive to the Eda Supa awareness drive. After the presentation the community immediately appointed their ward member Mr. Hosea Raabson with his sister who was a former Ok Tedi Mining employee to coordinate the community’s Eda Supa deposits to NASFUND office. Aries said it was an additional blessing on that day for the ward member’s sister (former OTML employee) who shared with everyone her experience on how NASFUND had assisted her to build herself the only permanent house in her community through our NASFUND Housing Advance Scheme. The community were amazed by her testimony that most of them now plan to save through Eda Supa to build permeant houses in the next 5-years time. A total of 250 people attended the Eda Supa awareness. The community’s economy is based on cocoa, vanilla and betelnut farming/selling.

After this successful visit, Aries plans on carrying out the Eda Supa awareness to the inlands of Turubu LLG where there are local Oil Palm and Vanilla farmers living and working.

Photo caption: Officer in Charge of Wewak branch, Mr Aries Materson explaining the Eda Supa concept to villagers in Suanum in Turubu LLG, East Sepik Province

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