Monday 20 June, 2016

Eda Supa helped me manage my business

Eda Supa helped me manage my business

Herman Huafee who runs a small trade store and a PMV business in his village in Marik, outside Wewak is a success story of the Eda Supa voluntary savings account. When he was looking for a suitalbe institution to save his earnings from his small business, he heard about the Eda Supa product from one of his relatives and visited the NASFUND branch. After learning about the long term benefits he oppened his account in 2009. Since then he has never missed a month of contributing to his account. “ I wanted an account that I could do deposits and not touch it,” he said. “Seven years later, I have seen my funds grow much faster and I am glad I made that decision to open my account.”

“What I saw which is important for Eda Supa members to understand is that, when you do deposits on a monthly basis, you will earn more on your savings when the Fund pays interest at the end of its financial year. Eda Supa has also helped me with my business to join the NASFUND Contributors Savings and Loans Society.”  

“With its low interest rates, it made it very affordable for me to repay my loans which I took to help my business prosper. Through this account, I managed my loans and I adapted to a savings culture that changed my life.” Herman recently bought a PMV from his savings account and is now running his trade store and PMV business. He now employs 4 staff to assist with his small businesses.

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