Wednesday 27 January, 2016

Eda Supa awareness with ELC leaders in Ialibu

Eda Supa awareness with ELC leaders in Ialibu

While the pinch of the financial hardships are being felt by the public.

Leaders of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Southern Highlands believe that practicing a savings culture is the only way to counter financial difficulties.

During a recent invitation to speak to leaders of the four Evangelical Lutheran Church districts of Southern Highlands in Ialibu.

Nathan Namiangu, officer in charge of the Nasfund branch in Mt Hagen said that, it was encouraging to see that the church was serious in ensuring their congregation were educated on the savings options that were available by Nasfund.

“ This was not the first time that the leaders of the church in the province had approached the fund, last year, a group of men from the church travelled all the way to Mt Hagen to open Eda Supa voluntary savings accounts”, Mr Namiangu said.

Mr Namiangu said that there is already a change of mindset of people wanting to save and it is important to tap into this because this is the way forward for ordinary Papua New Guineans to be financially empowered.

The team was invited to attend the youth and women’s conference later this year with the objective of educating youths and women to be educated about the savings benefits that are available for the long term. 

Photo caption: EBC leaders at Ialibu, SHP listening attentively to NASFUND Mt Hagen OIC, Nathan Namiangu

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