Tuesday 12 April, 2016

Delay in processing application due to System change: Tarutia

Delay in processing application due to System change: Tarutia

CEO, Ian Tarutia has assured members that their savings are safe and they are doing everything they can to resolve outstanding issues.

Mr Tarutia was responding to concerns raised by member through social media via Nasfund branches regarding the slow response to their applications, mostly on withdrawal claims.

He said that slow processing of applications was not deliberately caused by staff but by a change in the system through its administrator AON Hewitt.

AON Hewitt recently migrated to a new administration system – PenProPlus – to better manage NASFUND members’ funds.

The transition began in March and had experienced minor technical issues, which is briefly affected the timely response to functions such as partial payments, housing eligibility, allocation of funds and member registration.

“They (AON) change this system but its’ taking a while for it to settle and delivering the job its’ supposed to do,” Tarutia said.

“We are working with them to resolve the issue quickly.”

“Serving our members is always our number one priority, that’s what we are here for”.

He said members’ accounts were intact.

“The members will still get served however it would be slow,” he said.

“And we want members to exercise understanding and patience while we do our best to ensure issues are addressed.”

Chief Operating Officer, Warwick Vele said, and the FUND wanted to make sure that the integrity of members’ data was intact during the transfer to the new system.

AON Hewitt chief executive officer Chris Hagen told a radio talk back show last week that most of the issues should be resolved soon.

Nasfund safe guards the (retirement) income for members.

(Article from National Newspaper, Tuesday, April 12, 2016)

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