Friday 07 December, 2018

Boas encourages long-term savings

Boas encourages long-term savings

Former Papua New Guinea Hunters skipper, Ase Boas is urging rugby league players to get into the culture of saving. NASFUND Brand Ambassador Boas, who joins the Featherstone Rovers in England for the 2019 season said: “Planning or saving for the long-term is very difficult for most of us PapuaNew Guineans but planning to save for the long-term is achievable.

During the inaugural NASFUND Employer Awards Gala at Gateway Hotel, Boas spoke of his experience and the knowledge that he had gained about the importance of saving for the long-term as the ambassador of the FUND. “The question of what would life be after rugby, was always something that hit me every time I went home at the end of the season”. “What I have learnt from NASFUND is a lifetime opportunity to make good financial decisions for the future”. “As the face of the Voluntary Contribution campaign to raise awareness for members to increase their contributions from the mandated superannuation rate, we managed to register 1469 new members to a value of K65, 000 plus within five months”. Boas said that as a rugby player and as other sporting athlete, life after sporting life is a reality check for most of us. The popularity and fame is short lived. I am blessed to have been part of this journey, I am now doing voluntary savings through the Eda Supa account and I will continue to do so as I now see the importance of saving for my retirement. I am already talking to my other colleagues and will continue to educate others. Boas presented his Kumuls jersey that he wore during 2017 Rugby League World Cup to NASFUND as a token of appreciation and for believing in him to be the brand ambassador of Voluntary Contribution product.

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