Wednesday 25 September, 2019

Baloiloi: Promotion of savings culture important for graduates

Baloiloi: Promotion of savings culture important for graduates

IT is important for graduates who have commenced formal employment to appreciate the importance of saving.
This was the comment from BSP’s Head of Training & Development Mr. Ray Baloiloi.
Mr. Baloiloi made the statement during a visit to NASFUND headquarters to process members ship ID cards for 19 graduates who recently joined the BSP Graduate Development Program.
“Most of them are young and it’s their first job too," Mr. Baloiloi said.
“With the benefits available with NASFUND in terms of discounts, it was something that prompted them to come in and have their IDs sorted out to make use of these opportunities.
“As they purchase items on discounts, it also helps them to save money.
“This idea promotes the savings culture, as they commence their formal employment,” he added.  
Mr. Baloiloi also acknowledged the efficient customer service assistance by the Client Relations team in processing the graduates' ID cards.
“The staff have been really friendly and helpful in terms of fast-tracking the process," he said.


Photo Caption: Part of the group of 19 recent graduates under the BSP Graduate Development Program with their two trainers at the HQ to have their NASFUND Membership ID cards processed.

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