Wednesday 11 February, 2015

Accessing your NASFUND balance the easy way

Accessing your NASFUND balance the easy way

Now in its 6th year of operation, NASFUND’s TEXT BAL service provides a quick and easy way for members to access their account balances on their mobile phones. By registering their mobile number with the service, members receive an updated balance on a monthly basis.

Members not receiving a balance update may also request this information by sending a message in the following format to either Bemobile-Vodafone or Digicel: *627*Membership_Number*Date_of_Birth# <SEND>. The date of birth must be in the format DDMMYYY. E.g. *627*456789*26011988* <SEND>. The response is immediate and the service fee is 25 toea per transaction.

The service has proved to be a success with 30,449 members registered to date. However, with a membership size of over 490,000 members, only a small proportion of members are taking advantage of the service. The FUND is encouraging members to register by filling in the SF25 SMS Registration form.

It should be noted that the balances members receive via the abovementioned services are based on the timely remittances and allocation of their contributions from their employers

Members’ account balances accessible by this method are updated after contributions are received and updated on the FUND’s administration system. Employers typically make contributions to NASFUND on a monthly basis although deductions are shown on the fortnightly payslip. It is therefore advisable for members to check their balances on a monthly basis.

The FUND plans to introduce more IT-based services to provide members with efficient and user friendly ways to access its services.

Members are encouraged to visit the NASFUND website ( to download the TEXT BAL (SF25) registration form for the monthly subscriptions, and guidelines on how to check balances using their Bemobile-Vodafone or Digicel mobile phones.

In addition to the Text Bal service, members can also obtain their balance on the NASFUND website.

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