Wednesday 29 July, 2015

A trip for a life time to open NASFUND Savings Account.

A trip for a life time to open NASFUND Savings Account.

A group of twenty-five men from the Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELC) from the Highlands Region travelled all the way from the boarder of Southern Highlands and Kikori to open NASFUND EDA SUPA retirement Savings Accounts at the Mount Hagen branch.

The group led by ELC’s Highlands regional coordinator Mr. Richard Tente travelled 3 hours by road from their village called Last Wiru to open savings accounts so that they could start saving for their retirement on a voluntary basis.

The EDA SUPA superannuation savings account enables individuals who earn a form of income but are not registered to contribute under any Approved Superannuation Funds (ASF’s).

Once a member registers under the EDA SUPA savings account, they can do voluntary contributions from as low as K20 on a monthly basis.

The group agreed to host the NASFUND team to visit the rest of their village that comprised six Lutheran Parish and to educate other members of Church to understand the benefits of the EDA SUPA retirement Savings Account.

A Lutheran Church Pastor among the group said that he was looking forward in ensuring the team host the awareness program at one of the six Luther Church ovals for all the villages to attend and be aware of the benefits of EDA SUPA that could help their villagers for the long term.

Fifteen members of the ELC group registered during the visit to the Mt Hagen office with a joining fee of K100.

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