Tuesday 04 August, 2015

United Church Ministers of the Niu Ailan Region open retirement saving accounts.

United Church Ministers of the Niu Ailan Region open retirement saving accounts.

Twenty – two ministers of the Niu Ailan united church region opened EDA SUPA savings accounts during a NASFUND visit to the province last week.

The visit to the province was a blessing to the Ministers as they stated, because for years they have been wanting to save for their retirement but were not sure where to save their retirement funds.

In a coincidental meet, the NASFUND team was asked to do a presentation to 130 delegates who were in Kavieng town to attend the Niu Ailan Region 23rd Regional synod.

During the presentation, the Ministers who travelled in to Kavieng representing 34 circuits of the province found the presentation to be the best answer to their needs to ensure there was a retirement plan that could assist them during the term of their service with the Church.

 Hedwig Moses, a current EDA SUPA member who joined in 2007 said that when she received her statement early this year, she was speechless to see that her initial savings had grown from the amount she initially contributed and was very happy to share the experience with her colleagues after the presentation.

She said that she has seen her money grow and was encouraged to continue to contribute voluntarily on a monthly basis.

“When I first opened the account in 2007, I was sick at that time and was worried about the financial hardships that my family would go through and decided to join after an agreement with my husband,” she said.

Today, Hedwig and her husband run a small contracted trucking business that transport oil palm in her area to sustain their livelihood and on a monthly basis made sure they contributed a portion of their income for their retirement savings.

She said that she has been outspoken on the benefits of joining the EDA Supa voluntary savings account to other mothers and was happy that the team could speak to her colleagues who served in the Ministry to ensure they too would benefit as well by having a savings retirement fund with NASFUND.

“I don’t need to worry too much about my family’s future because I now know that I made a wise decision in 2007 and I am seeing the good returns today”, she said.

The presentation saw 22 ministers open EDA Supa accounts and 43 Kids Savings Accounts with Nasfund contributions Savings and Loans Society.

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