Thursday 05 December, 2019

Justin Olam announced as NASFUND’s Brand Ambassador

Justin Olam announced as NASFUND’s Brand Ambassador

NASFUND announced its brand ambassador for 2020 in PNG’s very own NRL superstar Justin Olam from the Melbourne Storms.
The 26 year old will now take over the ambassadorship branding duties previously held by former PNG SP Hunters Captain Ase Boas as  the face of the FUND in its drive to market awareness about the benefits of long term savings.
CEO, Ian Tarutia laid out the attributes of the country’s national sport of rugby league and epitomized in players such as Olam and his predecessor Boas.
“In 2017 when we came up with the idea of introducing a brand ambassador for the fund it was premised on two considerations.
“Firstly, was to strengthen the NASFUND brand but secondly and most importantly was to identify an individual who could help promote our products, in particular voluntary contributions, “he said.
“ The ethos of being a good role model so that others could see what you are doing and emulate what you are doing“
Mr Tarutia said Ase Boas represented these attributes, which was evident through the response of the SME sector to the fund’s affiliation with Boas.
The 2018 brand ambassador Boas expressed his belief and continued support to testify the benefits of the superfund’s product platform.
“I would like to congratulate my successor and my fellow rugby league colleague Justin Olam, I know you will continue to drive the NASFUND brand far and wide using rugby league. Ase Boas also stated that while his contract has ended, he will be a lifetime ambassador of the FUND from what he has learnt and seen about the positive attributes of financially empowering Papua New Guinean’s.
Brand ambassador, Justin Olam likened the NASFUND brand to his current NRL Club as both are organizations built on culture.
“Making sacrifices and discipline, is one of the reasons why I have chosen to represent NASFUND and to be the brand ambassador (because) it is teaching Papua New Guineans to be responsible and to be disciplined with their money and think about the future. “Olam said.
“People like me, I am not going to be able to play rugby league forever, I will come to an age where I will hang up my boots and say goodbye to my career, and organizations like (NASFUND) will help me when I am done.“


Photo caption: CEO announcing Justin Olam as NASFUND Brand Ambassador for 2020

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