30 November 2020

13 Employers have been recognized as the best performing contributors in the Nasfund Annual Employer Awards 2020.

Among them, a Landowner Company (Hides Gas Development Company), an agricultural leader (New Britain Palm Oil Ltd), and a Christian Education provider (Sunrise Bethel Christian School), who were crowned Employers of the Year under various categories

The Employer Awards acknowledged the support, cooperation and partnership of all Nasfund’s contributing employers who continued to comply with the Superannuation (General Provisional) ACT 2000, especially section (85) and (90) of the Superannuation (General Provisional) ACT 2000, that governs the contributions and benefit payments which the Fund as the trustee is mandated to perform.

In addressing the Awards Ceremony, Nasfund Chief Executive Officer Ian Tarutia thanked all Employers who had continued to meet their statutory obligations , despite the difficult economic environment, over much of this year.

HGDC awarded the Employer of The Year Award (Category A) by Nasfund CEO Ian Tarutia

Nasfund is glad to host this event, an occasion that gives credit and recognition to employers who are a key stakeholder during a workers active working life. 

I acknowledge the cooperation and support of our employers, numbering over 2500, without whom our job of compliance and member services would be more difficult. 

The current economic climate has been has not been easy for business: debtors listing has increased, workforce rationing, forex access, pandemic response, law & order, power, telecommunication issues are but some of the obstacles our employers have to contend with as part of operating today.

Above all this, I praise the resilience of our employers, in these challenging times.

Award winners tonight not only exemplify compliance and adherence to law, they play are a larger role in promoting savings for a better future for our people, the workers of this country and against all odds. The heart of a good corporate citizen is not only in the way you govern your business, strategize for growth or mitigate risks. It is how you look after your people.

Members do not forget this. Show appreciation to your employer, work hard, be productive and help your employer grow its business. If they prosper, you prosper.

As the leading superannuation provider in Papua New Guinea, we want to acknowledge the efforts put in by employers to ensure that retirement savings for employees continue to be paid.

You are all worthy winners.”

Winners in the Annual Employer Awards 2020 were categorized into three categories:

  1. Category A – Employers contributing more than K100,000 per month 
  2. Category B – Employers contributing between K50,000 and K100,000 per month
  3. Category C – Employers who contribute less than K50,000 per month

The following were recognized as the best performing Employers in their respective categories:  

  1. Most Compliant Employer – Mandatory Contributions
    • Category A: Telikom (PNG) Ltd
    • Category B: Datec (PNG) Ltd
    • Category C: Sunrise Bethel Christian School
  • Best Voluntary Contributions
    • Category A: National Agricultural Research Institute
    • Category B: PNG Ready Mixed Concrete Pty Ltd
    • Category C: The National Polytechnic Institute of Papua New Guinea
  • Most Compliant Maintenance Award
    • Category A: Hides Gas Development Company
    • Category B: Garamut Enterprises Ltd
    • Category C: Courts Furniture (PNG) Ltd
  • Most Compliant Benefit Payments
    • Category A: Bank South Pacific
    • Category B: New Britain Palm Oil Ltd – Admin
    • Category C: Hevilift Ltd
  • Best Voluntary Contributing Employer
    • Hargy Oil Palms Ltd
  • Nasfund Chairman’s Awards
    • Category A: Hides Gas Development Company
    • Category B: New Britain Palm Oil Ltd – Admin
    • Category C: Sunrise Bethel Christian School

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